This week in Medical Terminology

Morphemes: Urinary System

Media Type: Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation

Duration: 14 slides Goal: To explore morphemes and terminology related to the urinary system.

Description: This presentation lists morphemes associated with the urinary system, as well as the meaning of each. Additionally, examples are provided of how those morphemes are combined to create urinary terms.

Objectives: 1.To identify prefixes, suffixes and roots associated with the urinary system. 2.To examine how morphemes can be combined to build urinary system terms.

Due this week:

Morphemes: Urinary System – Student Notes (Due Thursday, 12/2 @ the beginning of class)

Morphemes: Urinary System – Notebook Check (Due Monday, 12/6)

Morphemes: Urinary System – Test (Monday, 12/6)

Morphemes: Reproductive System

Thursday 12/2: Copy slides 5-12

Friday 12/3: Copy slides 13-19


The week in Med. Term. 8/30

Eponyms (Due this Wed., Sept. 1st when class begins).


1. Research the origins of medical eponyms and create a list of at least 10 common medical conditions which use eponyms. 2. The following should be included:  Definition of eponym  10 common medical conditions using eponyms − signs and symptoms − causes − diagnosis − management − history 3. Attach a citation sheet listing all sources used. 4. Participate in a class discussion to share your findings with the class.

Monday we will begin Medical Terminology: Resources

Media Type: Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Duration: 35 slides

Goal: To describe strategies for using medical resources.

Description: This presentation discusses word structure of medical terminology, including roots, prefixes and suffixes. In addition, sources of information are analyzed and the criteria for evaluating sources is explored.

Objectives: 1. To explore word structure, including roots, prefixes and suffixes. 2. To examine available resources, including medical and dental dictionaries and multimedia resources. 3. To integrate resources to interpret technical materials.

The following 3 interactive assignments will combine for 1 daily grade. This will be due after the Powerpoint presentation.

Medical Terminology: Resources – Word Structure – Student Notes

Medical Terminology: Resources – Sources of Information – Student Notes

Medical Terminology: Resources – Vocabulary


This week in Medical Terminology

We will complete taking notes on the 69 slides for Medical Terms & Terminology

Monday is a Quiz on Anatomical Terms

Tuesday we will review for the Wed. quiz and we will complete the online assignments:

Word Structure- Student Notes

Anatomical Terms- Student Notes

Abbreviations & Symboles- Student Notes

Medical Terms & Terminology- Vocabulary

These four assignments will be due when class begins Wed. and are for a grade.

Wednesday is a Quiz on Abbreviations & Symbols and we will review.

Thursday will be our first TEST over Medical Terms & Terminology

Thursday you will turn in your notebook for a graded notebook check.

Friday I will assign the Eponyms project due next week.


Medical Terms & Terminology

Medical Terms & Terminology

Media Type: Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation

Duration: 69 slides

Goal: Students will learn the importance of medical terminology and evaluate common medical terms and word structures, abbreviations and symbols.

Description: Students will learn the importance of word structure and terminology in the medical field. Root words, prefixes, suffixes, compound words and combining forms will all be detailed as well as body planes and directional terms along with common medical abbreviations and symbols.

Objectives: 1. To recognize common medical prefixes, suffixes and roots. 2. To define medical terms and discover their meanings. 3. To identify medical terminology, abbreviations and symbols.

Welcome to Medical Terminology


This year you will need a 1-inch binder with loose-leaf paper for note taking and, of course, something to right with. We will be learning out of the icev website (similar to Principles of Health Science) using our chromebooks.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you and am excited to get the new school year started!

See you soon,

Coach Dyson